Are you an incoming or current Indiana University student?
Have you felt frustrated trying to find quality housing in Bloomington? 
Do you wonder if there are well located, quality apartments available for students?

We can help you.

Bloomington offers a wide variety of housing choices, and it can be challenging to find the right place to live. We know that a good housing choice improves your experience as a student and resident. 

We set ourselves apart by providing quality apartments and great service, close to campus. We provide a high level of service and work to always keep our buildings in excellent condition by answering all maintenance requests quickly and free of charge. 

We promise our tenants a quiet studious environment while they live in our buildings, and we take seriously any disturbances or requests. 

Being close to campus is a high priority, as it impacts the ease of your daily routine and how much you enjoy the Indiana University experience. 

We provide Indiana University students with quality and service in great, close to campus location. Our tenants experience a quiet, studious environment while efficiently traveling to and from campus. 

Please call us at the number below, e-mail us, or continue reading to get more information about what we offer. 


Locally owned and operated since 1994, Grant Properties offers over 180 units in every size from studios to 5 bedroom houses and luxury townhouses, all within walking distance to campus.